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Our Program

At Learning Ladder Academy, we help children grow socially and academically in a fun, structured environment. Our classroom is designed for a multi-age group with age appropriate activities and toys for all ages. We recognize that each child grows and develops at his or her own pace. We assess each child to develop learning plans to meet the needs of each child. We also assess the children during the year to evaluate how they are performing in skill areas such as gross motor, fine motor, letter recognition, shape recognition, number recognition, social, and speech. Feedback from assessments are also shared with parents.

Activities and games are fun and engaging for children. Activities are both teacher and child initiated. Our program also provides learning through dance, songs, and exercise. Teachers and assistants enthusiastically work with children to ensure the learning environment is fun, exciting, and engaging. We use the Class Dojo app to communicate and share children's pictures, artwork, and videos with parents throughout the day. Parent interaction and engagement is important, which is why we share videos and photos of your child throughout the day. I also use Artsonia to showoff children’s artwork to parents and family who sign up to review artwork on Artsonia.

My Philosophy is learning occurs for children everywhere, and the more children are exposed to the world, the more they will absorb and learn.

Field Trips

We take field trips, which have included the Field Museum in Chicago, Shedd Aquarium, Brookfield Zoo, Blackberry Farm, and the Painted Penguin at Fox Valley Mall.

Fire Department

During fire prevention week, the Aurora Fire Department has come out to discuss fire safety with the children. The children enjoy interacting with the firemen and learning about the fire truck and equipment.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Throughout the year, the children also enjoy pajama day, movie and popcorn day and; show and tell day. During the summer, we have weekly activities, which include water day, walks to the park, picnics, and Stories at the Park (bookmobile). Each Thursday from August to May, the children enjoy Jungle Bus (gymnastics on wheels), which travels to our location.   


I am exploring a STEM and/or STEAM enrichment program for preschoolers.

Christmas Musical

For Christmas, children get to perform a Christmas musical for parents and family at the Eola Community Center. This is an exciting time for the children as they prepare to perform. After the musical children, parents, and family interact while enjoying a catered dinner. This is a fun time for all in attendance!


During these formative years, a child’s social skills and basic motor functions are learned and practiced. A child’s nutrition during these years is essential to mental and physical development. At Learning Ladder Academy, each child gets balanced, nutritious meals and snacks.  Menus are posted weekly on Class Dojo.  Special diets can be accommodated. 

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